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The current economy has been a rollercoaster ride, with experts predicting a possible recession looming. As prices continue to rise dramatically and inflation sets in, some industries are beginning to detect the impact, while others wait for the storm to pass. However, there is one industry that has been deemed “recession-proof” – the pool route industry. In this blog post, we’ll take a dive into the pool route industry and how owning a pool route can be a solution to the recession.

Recurring Revenue Stream:

One of the biggest advantages of owning a pool route is the recurring revenue stream. Pool owners require weekly or bi-weekly cleaning and maintenance, which means that pool service providers have a steady stream of income. This is especially important during a recession when people are cutting back on expenses. Owning a pool route can provide a stable income source that is not affected by the ups and downs of the economy.

Consolidation in the Service Sector:

The pool route industry has also seen an increase in consolidation in recent years. Powered by investment firms, the process of consolidation in the service sector has accelerated amid the pandemic. This means that there are opportunities for pool service providers to sell their routes for a profit. For those looking to invest in a recession-proof business, buying a pool route can be a smart move.

California Employee Mandated Bill:

The pool and spa industry has also been impacted by the California Employee Mandated Bill. This bill requires employers to provide paid sick leave to their employees. While this may seem like a disadvantage to pool service providers, it actually works in their favor. The bill has led to an increase in the underground economy, where companies often pay service providers under the table. This has created a shortage of licensed and insured pool service providers, which means that those who are licensed and insured can charge a premium for their services.

What’s next?

In conclusion, owning a pool route can be a solution to the recession. With a steady stream of income, opportunities for consolidation, and a shortage of licensed and insured pool service providers, the pool route industry is a smart investment. Sealey Business Brokers can help you find the perfect pool route to invest in. Don’t let threats of a recession get you down – dive into profits with a pool route investment.

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