Tips to Build Profit Streams with Your Pool Route

While this may not be the most exciting topic, new and evolving profit streams are required to ensure your business’s success. Even if you do not have to worry about tariffs, when you operate a business, the costs will continue to grow with each passing day. If you do not take steps to remain ahead of the curve, you may find yourself left behind.

When you are in business for yourself, you cannot afford to rest on your laurels. You have to seek improvement all the time. When you improve your business, you can remain successful and profitable. However, to make improvements, you have to know what to do. Learn more about enhancing revenue streams here.

Provide a Quality Service

If you want to improve your revenue streams with your pool route, it is necessary to offer quality services. Do not just think you are offering this high level of service – you have to make sure your customers agree that this is what is going on. Listen to what they have to say, ask for feedback, and adjust as needed.

Offer Services Your Customers Want

Make sure your pool services are those that your customers want and need. It isn’t easy to increase your prices if you offer services that your customers do not care about.

For example, you may have a customer who wants you to empty their skimmer basket or clean the filter as a part of the service you provide, but they just asked you for this. If you attempt to charge more money for a service they do not want or need, you may find it difficult to retain this customer.

This is one of the top reasons that business owners will lose customers when they increase their rates. You are not giving customers what they want, and you are asking more for the services they do not want. You have to take the time to know your customer if you want to increase your profits.

Do Not be Afraid to Increase Your Rates

It can be scary to think about increasing your rates. However, you should never be afraid to raise your prices or charge for something that was once offered free. For example, if you included filter and chemical service for free, you can begin charging for this service if the additional charge is approached properly.

Improving Your Business and Increasing Your Profits

You have to take steps to improve your business each year, or you will wind up losing it. While this may sound harsh, it is the truth. If you are not taking steps to increase your profits and provide more of what your customers want, you will eventually fall short. If you need help building your pool route and ensuring ongoing success and increased profits, be sure to keep the tips and information here in mind to ensure success. This will ensure you achieve the success you want for your business.

When You Sell Access

There’s a lot of sort of “inside baseball” stuff in the business of selling pool routes – things that you would only know about if you’re in the business. We’ve talked about quite a lot of it on this blog.

But there are also underlying philosophies that help us to connect our buyers and sellers, and we would like to talk a little bit about that.

Selling Goods, Services, and Access

Most people are most familiar with businesses that sell goods or products.

A retailer takes an item and sells it to a consumer. Businesses take items and sell them to other businesses as part of physical supply chains.

That’s pretty straightforward, but then you get into selling services.

A landscaping company sells a landscaping job. An infrastructure company sells a heavy project to a municipality. They have to lay out the scope, and timeline, and other kinds of “specs” that are not tied to anything physical that you can hold in your hand. The service is “delivered” when the service is done. 

And then you get into selling access, which is a bit different.

The Nuts and Bolts of Selling Access

When you’re selling access, you’re working in a much less tangible and more abstract world.

What you’re selling is the value of information and relationships between business stakeholders.

That’s not to say that access isn’t valuable. In fact, we’ve seen our business explode based on how well our clients benefit from buying what we have to sell.

It’s a service, of a kind, but it’s very much about business valuation and figuring out what access to data and relationships is worth. In other words, what can the buyer get from maintaining a list of customers? What did the seller get by doing the same?

Then, of course, beyond raw value, you also have to deal with business preferences, relationships, and mutual benefit. It may be that companies work better together when they have the same philosophies. It may be that some company wants to see some transparency in the other company’s working model if they’re going to come to the table.

All of this is part of what we do as a gold-standard access provider for businesses. We do the connective work that leads to benefit for our buyers and sellers, and it’s largely where we work in the junction of information and relationships between people. For more, check out the website and take a look at how we help to add value in the pool business. 

3 Things to Remember When Buying a Pool Route

If you have decided to go into the pool route business, there is plenty to keep in mind as you get started. Without proper research, you risk getting into a bad deal and losing money as a result. You have the decision to go into business on your own or go through a broker. Buying a pool route can be a great business, so we’ve highlighted several things to keep in mind before you get into it:

  1. Do your homework.

Buying a route can easily help you become a pool service technician. However, when you get into this business, it can be a risk, even with going through a broker. Take a look at a route you are purchasing and do your research. Find out how close the homes are, if the customers pay on time, the pool conditions, and the landscaping around the pools. In addition, find out how long the previous pool service tech had the route; the longer they held the route, the more insights you have into the customers you are gaining.

  • Going through a broker.

When you decide to buy a route, you have the option of going through an individual or going through a broker. Using a broker allows you to get in the business fast. You may not be financial able to grow your business organically. You may need a new source of income immediately. A broker will offer routes on sale with details such as the number of pools on the route, commercial vs. residential properties, monthly gross income, net income, and cost. Many brokerage companies will have qualifications for the pools, and they will take out any pools that aren’t worth your time. They also qualify buyers as well. So, it’s an excellent way to buy a route with greater peace of mind.

  • Buying or developing a route on your own.

Many pool technicians sell a route by advertising online or through supply houses. In this situation, you will work out the deal on your own. The benefit of using this method to buy a pool route is that you avoid brokerage fees. However, you may also consider developing a route on your own. The benefit of growing your business organically vs. buying a route is that you avoid any issues that have developed with the previous buyer. Starting slowly like this allows you to get to know your accounts personally without having a substantial financial investment into the business that could hang over your head. Buying a pool route can be a great business opportunity. However, with any business, there are risks. So, do your research before making any significant decisions. For more information on purchasing a pool route, contact Sealey Business Brokers today.

Growing Your Pool Business: How to Increase the Number of Customer Referrals You Receive

On average, people who receive referrals from friends or family members are four times more likely to make a purchase. Developing and executing a detailed plan to increase the number of customer referrals your pool business receives is crucial. Increasing the number of referrals you receive can help you increase your company’s profitability.

Some pool business owners think that the only way to drive consumers to their company is by using the power of online marketing or television commercials. While these marketing methods are effective, they are also expensive. The following are some of the things you can do to grow the amount of customer referrals your pool business receives.

Combating the Fear of Reputational Risk

One of the main concerns people have when referring a business to friends or family members is reputation risk. In short, reputational risk is a term used to describe a person’s fear of referring a business that may do a bad job for their loved one. Understanding this fear is the first step in helping satisfied customers overcome it.

When trying to convince customers to refer your pool business, you need to work on developing a very simple program for them to use. All of the details of your referral program should be featured prominently on your website. Perhaps the best way to minimize the fear of reputational risk is by providing top-notch service to each new client you land. Going above and beyond for your clients will allow you to calm their fears and generate more referrals over time.

Pick the Right Time to Ask for Referrals

Asking customers to refer your pool business to their friends and family members can be a bit nerve-wracking. The best way to remove the worry you feel about asking a customer for a referral is choosing the right time to pop this question. Ideally, you want to ask for these referrals immediately after performing a pool cleaning for a customer.

You can also ask for these referrals if you receive a positive review or social media comment from a satisfied customer. Before you ask for referrals, make sure you have a list of incentives to show a customer.

Choosing the Right Rewards or Incentives

Another detail you need to iron out when trying to have success with a customer referral program is the incentive or rewards you offer. You need to choose an incentive that your customers will actually want. Generally, things like discounts of exclusive deals on new services are great incentives. Taking the time to poll your customers is a great way to figure out exactly what they want. The time invested in doing this market research will pay off when you are able to entice customers to give your pool business referrals.

Are You Trying to Buy a Pool Route?

If you are itching to get into the pool service business, investing in an established route is a great idea. Contact Sealey Business Brokers to find out about the routes we have for sale.

Decreasing Risks: Strategic Tips for Buying Pool Routes

You may have heard the news – state governments consider swimming pools to be an essential part of our human life, and pool service to be an essential service.

Pool service is also something that can be fully compliant with social distancing, so it makes sense that this industry is still working during coronavirus lockdowns.

But that’s good news for people who are investing in a pool service business. That takes a lot of risk out of the equation when you’re trying to start or grow a swimming pool business.

So what risks do you have to look out for?

Well, there’s always the risk of financial outlays that come back to you over time. When you’re buying the route, it’s going to take a while to break even, before you start making money. So you want to minimize any chance of volatility in your customer account list.

Buy Pool Routes Strategically

Many seasoned entrepreneurs suggest that you have to start slow with this, or nearly any kind of business. Instead of maxing out on your credit with a long list of bought accounts, it’s best to wade in slowly and see what you can handle before you take more advanced steps in this market. Go slow, and steady, don’t race. You’ll have a better chance of successfully building your business over time. 

Get Appropriate Customer Information

As some experts point out, when you buy on Craigslist or elsewhere on the web without a dedicated third-party to implement a fair deal, you’re kind of flying blind. You may get a bunch of accounts that are not active long-term accounts, and lose a lot of money. Some people refer to these as “duds” – maybe the customer likes to switch up a lot, or the people who own the property don’t really have long-term financial ability to pay, etc. 

How do you know how long the customer has been with the company that’s selling the route? You don’t, unless you get some data from the seller or a third party making these deals transparent. 

Know Your Counterparties

In the finance world, there’s something called Know Your Customer (KYC). In the pool business, we’d call it “know your counterparty.” At Sealey Business Brokers, we facilitate these particular kinds of deals with an eye toward the art of the pool deal and quality of contract. That helps us to decrease your risk as a buyer and make everything more transparent for both parties.

Talk to us about a plan to buy or sell a pool route – we make this process easier, from start to finish, and help you with any questions that may come up along the way.

The Value of a Broker: Business Closures and Buying and Selling Pool Routes

Any good broker needs to have its customers in mind all the time – and that includes times like these, where it has become challenging for many companies to keep their doors open!

At Sealey Business Brokers, we take pride in connecting buyers and sellers in a way that helps our clients to save both money and time. We’ve done this by carefully building a network of business connections and a model that truly serves entrepreneurs who want to expand in their local communities and across greater regions of the country. We are 100% dedicated to helping our clients to get the connections they need.

Here’s a little bit about how that works.

Buying and Selling Pool Routes

A pool route is a valuable commodity, but too often, there is no clear method for how these somewhat intangible assets change hands. After all, these assets are based on contracts, and even more, tangible business assets are hard to transfer without some idea of what the value is, or what the market will support. Nobody wants to leave money on the table.

Maybe somebody spent time putting together a pool route, and they’re just not interested in doing the work anymore. How would they go about getting the value out of their sweat equity? That’s where we come in. We help make this happen in a timely and efficient way. 

Pools and Essential Business

As coronavirus creates a massive change in the business world, one of the less affected industries is the pool service industry.

Many governors have declared pool maintenance an essential service, partly because of how regular treatments and evaluations promote human health and safety.

That makes pool routes somewhat of a recession-proof business. Other companies will be taking a hit by staying closed, but pool routes can still be a utilized moneymaker.

Ask us any questions that you have about buying or selling pool routes. We’ve been around long enough to know what works. Since this is a pretty complex field, there are going to be a lot of questions about how it works. We are always available to help our clients understand the process and what they stand to gain from buying or selling pool routes.

Buying and Growing a Pool Route

It’s a great business opportunity to own pool routes. It can be an exciting, exhilarating, and sometimes scary endeavor when you want to invest in a pool route business. As a buyer, you will have many questions about how to go about buying the business. You may want to know whether route owners provide owner financing.

Owners need cash for their route in most cases. If you ask around, you can get a lender that can provide loans for vending routes or pool routes. Mainly, you will want to do diligent research if you wish to obtain financing to buy a route.

Basically, some critical tips that could help you if you want to buy a pool route or build an existing one.

Develop a Website

When people are looking for something, they turn to the internet for a solution. You can grow your business by utilizing the web if you’re buying a pool route. Also, you need an overall assessment of your website if you’re already an owner of a pool route to know whether it is up to the standards of your business. 


Getting testimonials from your loyal fans is of the best ways to grow your pool route business. Real testimonials from satisfied customers will reduce the fears people can have with working with you since no one wants to regret buying a product or service.

Water and Sunscreen

You will need to keep yourself hydrated and also wear sunscreen since you’re always exposed to the risk of the sun. The sun can also do damage to your skin even on cloudy days. The amount of sun rays that pierce through the clouds is a hefty 80 percent of ultraviolet. Also, it would be best if you prevented another danger, which is dehydration. Drink a lot of fluids when you’re working in the sun. 


A smart idea for your pool route business is to get a smartphone. With smartphones, you can work on the go. You only need to get a waterproof case, and you’re on your way to mapping out your most efficient route, check your emails, and even listen to music when you’re working.

Buy Your Pool Route through a Reliable Broker

If you want quality, efficiency, and reliable broker for the purchase of your pool route, you need to choose Sealey Business Brokers to help you with your journey of having your pool route business. Sealey understands every aspect of the business. The company ensures exceptional services by keeping the number of their listings low.

They will work with you to ensure that the seller will not try to steal the customers back from you after the sale. Also, you don’t have to worry about a customer canceling their service after you purchase the route because there is a guarantee for your account of at least 60 days from the date of the sale. And in the event of a lost account, the company holds back 10 percent of the purchase price in an escrow fund.

Ultimately, for you to be familiar with the equipment, customer, and the route, you will also get a training period from the accounts that you purchased. 

The Best Apps to Help Increase Pool Route Sales

During the first quarter of 2019, there were more than 2.2 million apps available for iOS users and 2.6 million for Android users. There’s no question that today, there truly is an app for everything. 

Because of this fact, there are even apps available to help people find a local pool service. If you have decided to dive into the exciting world of swimming pools and want to purchase pool routes for sale, there’s more than one app you need to be found on to help ensure your success. 

Keep reading to learn about some of the most popular pool-relate apps that are out there today that will help you grow your business. 

Heat Things Up Using Homely 

This app is one of the newer ones that are available. It lets users find pool service providers in their local area, which means they aren’t stuck having to maintain and care for their pool on their own. All you have to do is to fill out a simple form that contains the logistics of your swimming pool and then receive quotes instantly – with this app, users can even book a service appointment online with the best contractor for the job. 

However, there’s an even better benefit offered by the Homely app. It offers a guarantee of up to $10,000 – which makes it truly appealing to swimming pool owners. 

If you want to get as much business as possible, make sure that your pool route is findable on Homely. 

Pentair ScreenLogic  

Another rater impressive app that is taking over in the pool industry is called the Pentair ScreenLogic app. If there is a customer with a Pentair pump system, they can adjust the pool settings, which includes the water temperature, pumps, and lighting right from their smartphone. If your pool route involves this service, then having knowledge of this app can be beneficial. 

NSPF Apps 

Remaining up to date with the trends in the app world is essential. One way to do this is by using the series of apps that have been created by the National Swimming Pool Foundation, with a bit of help from inQ Mobile apps. These tools have been specifically designed to help a business owner keep track of all the different details related to the customer’s pool all through their phone. This includes everything from chemical dosages, recording service information, properly balancing the water, and more. All this makes the job of a swimming pool service professional much easier. 

The Growing Value of Investing in New Technology 

When you have invested in a pool route, using the apps and technology that are available is the best way to ensure that you can keep your customers satisfied. Be sure to keep the information here in mind and use the apps that are available to achieve more success and grow more profits. Reach out to the professionals, such as a pool route broker if you are interested in getting a pool route, developing your own cleaning business, or something else.

How to Consistently Deliver Excellent Customer Service

The only way to create a successful pool service business is by finding customers and keeping them loyal. The pool service industry is filled with competition, which means you will have to find a way to create an edge. The best way to do this is by devoting your time to developing ways to provide better customer service. Studies show that 70 percent of the buying decisions made by consumers directly relate the level of customer service they receive.

Providing your customers with top-notch service will not only keep them loyal, it will also lead to them telling friends and family about your business. Read below for some tips on how to consistently provide great customer service.

Be Willing To Go The Extra Mile

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as the owner of a new business is having the attitude that you are going to do the bare minimum for your customers. Modern consumers want to work with businesses who are willing to go the extra mile for them. This is why you need to master the art of under-promising and over-delivering. By doing this, you can avoid setting yourself up for failure by making promises you simply can’t keep.

For instance, selling a new customer a plan that requires you to come check their pool once a month is a great foundation. Showing up more than you are supposed to just to check in can make a big impression on your customers. Properly organizing your pool route will allow you to figure out how to make the trip to a new customer’s home worth your while. If you have a high-paying job to go to in a new customer’s neck of the woods, dropping by makes sense if you have time.

Respond to a Customer’s Needs Quickly

Being the owner of a pool service business can be challenging at times. The key to having success as a business owner is maximizing every bit of time you have during the workday. Creating a detailed schedule is a must when trying to keep your customers happy. However, you need to leave enough flexibility in your schedule to address an emergency situation.

If a customer calls you with a pool problem, you need to respond to their request quickly. By addressing the problems your customers have in a timely manner, you can keep them happy and content. If a customer has to wait days on end to get the issues they are experiencing fixed, they may seek out the help of a competitor.

Offer Loyal Customers a Discount

Most consumers love getting exclusive deals. Setting up a loyalty rewards program for your customers is a great way to keep them engaged. If customers receive a discount on their monthly pool service, they will be more likely to stick with your business for the long haul.

Trying to Buy a Pool Route?

If you are interested in buying a pool route, the professionals at Sealey Business Brokers can help you out. Contact us to find out more about the pool routes we have for sale.

Digital Marketing Strategies That Can Help Your Pool Service Business

For most homeowners, finding ways to make their residence more attractive and functional is a top concern. Adding a swimming pool is a great way to accomplish both of these goals. Over 10 million homes in the United States have a swimming pool.

If you are looking for an idea for a business, then servicing the pools in your area is a good idea. In most cases, there will be a number of different pool services in your area. This is why finding a way to create a competitive edge is crucial. The following are some of the digital marketing strategies you can use to grow your pool service business.

Having a Responsive Website is Crucial

When trying to establish an online presence or your pool service business, you need to invest in a website. While you need to make sure this website is appealing and information, you also need to focus on catering to mobile users. When you consider that nearly 87 percent of smartphone users search online for businesses to use, you can quickly see why a responsive website is important.

If your website is not responsive, mobile users will be unable to see the content on your website without resizing the pages. Usually, the frustration of having to resize these pages will lead to mobile users leaving the website. With the help of an experienced web designer, you can get a responsive site in place quickly.

Modern Consumers Want Social Proof

The key to having success with digital marketing is thinking like a consumer. One of the main things consumers look for when trying to vet a business is customer reviews. Making it easy for consumers to find positive reviews about your pool service is a great way to attract more leads.

Taking your reviews and putting them on the homepage of your website is a great idea. You can also showcase positive reviews by requesting feedback on popular social media channels like Facebook or even LinkedIn. Most business owners are apprehensive to ask customers for positive reviews. However, most customers will be receptive to this idea and will have no problem providing these reviews.

Great Blog Content

Are you trying to position yourself as a leader in the pool service industry? If so, publishing informative and engaging blogs on your website is a must. Most people want to be informed regarding what it takes to keep their pool clean and functional. By developing and publishing blogs on a regular basis, you can provide consumers with the relevant information they need.

If you don’t have the time or the writing skills to do this work on your own, hiring professionals is your best bet. A content marketing service will have no problem writing and publishing your blogs for a reasonable fee.

Are You Looking For a Pool Route to Purchase?

One of the best ways to get started in the pool service business is by investing in an existing route. With the help of the team at Sealey Business Brokers, getting a great deal on a pool route will be a breeze.