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How to purchase a route?

4 Easy Steps to Purchase a Pool Route!


Step 1

Choose a route on our listing page, and contact us! You can either call/email us directly, or you can fill out one of our forms on each individual listing. We usually respond faster by through email.

Step 2

We'll send you an email with a few additional information and/or general information about the route you are inquiring about, as well as our NDA through Docusign.

Step 3

Once you review the additional information or the report that we sent, you will then have the option to move forward with the process by clicking on the Calendly invitation and schedule a call with our broker! Make sure to sign the NDA at this point.

Step 4

Our broker will contact you on your scheduled appointment by either calling or emailing you(we usually call you at this point) and will discuss what the next steps are! Make sure you keep your lines open!
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