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Texas Routes for Sale

Texas Routes For Sale

Texas Routes For Sale

Pool routes are a great way to get starting owning your own business. Sealey Business Brokers specializes in route based businesses such as pool routes, landscaping routes, vending route and businesses in general for sale. Give Sealey Business Brokers a call to get your route sold quickly. 

If you have 60% of the asking price to put down, and if you are interested in purchasing one of our listings, but not advertised as offering owner-financing, we can present your offer to the owner to see if they want to carry the remaining 40%. Serious buyers only.

For more information on any of our routes or businesses just click on the listing number.

Swimming pool companies are still allowed to operate during the Coronavirus shut down!









Dallas193 Dallas Pool Route 35 $98,180 $100,440 NO SOLD!
TheWoodlands200 The Woodlands, Houston Pool Route 87 $103,839 $212,460 NO Active(NEW!)
Austin158 Austin Pool Route 102 $138,519 $283,416 NO Active(HOT!)
Katy201 Katy, Cinco, Fulshear Pool Route 40 $70,000* $70,000* YES Active(NEW!)
Plano189 Plano Pool Route 197 $221,925 $454,068 YES Active(NEW!)
Plano 144 Plano Pool Route 50 $85,042 $87,000 NO Active
Houston154 Houston Pool Route 53 $119,786 $122,544 NO Active
DrippingSprings191 Dripping Springs Pool Route 22 $58,650 $60,000 NO Active(NEW!)
SanAntonio191 San Antonio Pool Route 132 $162,988 $333,480 NO Active
San Antonio 147 San Antonio Pool Route 169 $173,084 $354,138 YES Active
S SanAntonio133 San Antonio/Floresville Pool Route 48 $107,916 $110,400 NO Active
Boerne91 Boerne, Helotes, San Antonio Pool Route 32 $41,615 $85,146 NO Active(NEW!)
Katy159 Katy/Houston Pool Route 38 $65,394 $66,900 YES Active(HOT!)
Houston177 Houston Pool Route 100 $105,570 $216,000 NO Active
Austin189 Austin Pool Route 10 $25,395 $25,980 NO Active
Plano 144A Plano Pool Route 30 $51,025 $52,200 NO Active
Humble 155 Humble Pool Route 40 $65,688 $67,200 NO SOLD!
CCTX148 Corpus Christi Pool Route 132 $168,043 $343,824 NO Active
SanAntonio158 San Antonio Pool Route 37 $75,893 $77,640 NO Active