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Pool Routes And Foreign Investors

Let’s talk a bit about the dynamics of how an international community participates in buying and selling pool routes and running them as a business.   As we grow and expand our business, we’ve been working with foreign investors who want to enter the U.S. on something called an E2 visa. In doing this, the […]
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How to finance your pool route purchase

Summer starts to wind down and come to a close, the kids are going back to school, and the lucky ones are coming back from vacation. Things are kind of getting back into normal and families are settling down for the fall coming up. While everyone was on vacation and enjoying the summer, we’ve been […]
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Business – And Business Practices

In any business, there is the core business – what you’re offering customers – and then there’s the business process: how you facilitate that offering, and how your business works strategically. You can combine those two things, and really, you should. We do that in our work with companies that are focused on pools and […]
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