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A pool route business’s success depends on having and maintaining a loyal customer base. Like most businesses, pool routes must continue to find ways to improve customer relations to forge long-lasting customer loyalty. Customer loyalty measures a customer’s likelihood of repeating business with a company or brand. 


Through positive experiences and the overall value of services customers receive, customers are not only compelled to stay with trusted brands and service providers but also to refer others to their services. Let’s examine why customer loyalty is crucial to success and how you can build and reward customer loyalty in your pool route business. 


Reasons Customer Loyalty Is Crucial To Your Success

  • Repeat customers tend to increase services over time.
  • Profits increase when customers are loyal, going up by 25% to 95% when customer retention rates are slightly raised.
  • Retaining an existing customer is more cost-effective than attracting a new one. Studies show that obtaining new first-time customers is five times more expensive than retaining loyal customers. 
  • Loyal customers help you plan effectively, more accurately predict future growth and make anticipatory decisions on your budget. 


Top Ways To Reward Loyal Customers

#1 Offer Discounts 

If you offer something of extra value to your long-term customers, they will remember the gesture. Consider ways to provide discounts on services or free additional services included in one month’s fees. You can also give out promotional products which double as free advertisements for your company. 


#2 Provide VIP Treatment

You want your customers to talk about your service, which means you must provide stellar services and constantly be innovative in their customer experience. Always go above and beyond to ensure your loyal customers feel appreciated by offering priority services, scheduling, and exclusive access to discounts and promotions. You may even create a VIP club for long-term customers where they can enjoy special perks.


#3 Encourage Customers To Share Reviews

Good reviews are essential to a thriving business. Make it easy and fun for your loyal customers to share their positive experiences with your pool route company by offering easy access to review platforms and incentives for reviews. Social media makes it easy for people to refer you to their friends and post positive things about your company. You can also provide special services or discounts for customers who refer you to five or more of their neighbors or friends. Get creative on boosting your customers’ participation in reviews and referrals, and always hold up your end of the bargain. 


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