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Why do people build swimming pools at their homes?

It’s a question that, for some people, needs no answer. Others may go back and forth on whether it’s a good investment to create anything from a small “lima-bean” or oblong pool to an Olympic-sized swimming pool on their property.

Here are three of the top reasons why property owners love to install a pool on-site.

Climate Considerations

In some parts of the country, the summers are simply brutal. The hot, sweltering days, and the general humidity that amps up the body’s reaction to heat, means that having a pool is almost a necessity. People see having a pool as almost like central air conditioning – on the hottest of summer days, they may spend almost the whole day nearly completely submerged in water, or paddling around with at least part of their body shielded from the sun. This is a type of situation where the whole family probably uses the pool, and it isn’t just there to look pretty.

We’re looking at you, Central Florida! But this kind of situation exists in other parts of the country as well.

Visual Appeal

Of course, the pool does enhance the value of the property in a technical way. But it also provides an attractive visual element, too. Look at the sun shining on dappled water! There’s really nothing like it to accent the curb appeal of a stunning regal property that’s well-kept and well presented to visitors. There’s also the thrill of using a pleasant pool on a regular basis, or just sitting there meditating.


You don’t need a gym if you have a swimming pool. Aerobic water exercise is some of the best overall body training you can do. You also get more confident in the water when you swim on-site at your property every day.

At Sealey Business Brokers, we help pool route buyers and sellers to manage their contracts with individual clients who have seen fit to build a swimming pool on their properties. Our consulting with these business processes helps to enhance the quality of service that these companies provide, and makes pool route running more profitable and less difficult for stakeholders. We know pools! Call us if you are involved in this growing service market and want some help navigating it in a particular area. We’ll help you to access our expertise for a better deal.

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