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As we help a variety of pool service businesses in the practice of buying and selling and transferring pool routes, we think a lot about how these types of businesses work. Having been involved in the pool world already, for years, we have a good grounding in the nuts and bolts of how the business serves the property owners. Dealing with this at a macro level provides for its own challenges, and part of understanding that is knowing about interesting techniques that work well for a pool route business.

Money Management

In pool route business, there’s the practice of managing cash flows in the form of money in and money out. For example, if you’re going to re-order your booking systems, it’s a good idea to do it in a way that modernizes your systems and provides for new data driven techniques, so that you can see where your money’s going.

You can automate a lot of the money processes that attach to your pool route service business. That can lead to much better satisfaction on the part of the customers. For more on how this works, look back at some of our other blog posts about pool route selling, and pool service, and what’s attached to it.

Evaluating Service Options

There’s also the idea of thinking about how these pool routes are actually serviced.

Communication has a lot to do with some of this. These days, communicating with clients is easier through the power of social media and multichannel digital outreach.

One example that we use is telling people about how the local climate is affecting their pool systems. If there is a sudden freeze or a seriously hot spell, that can relate to how the pool routes are affected. So everybody involved can be on the same page.

Tracking income can also help you to focus on the big picture.

For example, you can plan specials on filtration or cleaning and see where that takes you – and the journey itself can provide valuable insights on how to chase ROI.

So in the end, it’s a combination of dealmaking and business sense. It’s a combination of practical legwork and communications. And having the right systems in place will help the business fare better year after year in not only servicing the pool routes but understanding the overall direction of the business as a whole, and being able to keep records straight. Want to take your pool route business to the next level? Talk to Sealey.

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