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At Sealey Business Brokers, where we help businesses to transfer pool service routes, we are carefully attuned to what customers need when they call a pool service company.

Thinking about attention to detail and quality of pool service helps when you’re planning out how to serve customers in a given area. We have a number of best practices that we talk to our clients about all the time. Some of them have to do with different types of operations related to pool maintenance service – others are more “customer service” oriented. All of them are important.

The Value of Chlorine Checks

Some of these best practices have to do with monitoring levels of chlorine in the water. It should be obvious to most companies why this is so important in pool service. But how do you ensure the quality checks that are important for your customers and vital to people’s safety?

A Point Person for Chemical Analysis

First of all, your chlorine checks and chlorine test kit operations are typically going to be more effective if you have a specific person doing them, and not just whoever shows up. Turnover is actually bad for this business, because every property is different and there is a consistency that needs to be central to operations at all times.

With that in mind, having a point person for this activity is a good idea.

Using the Same Products

At the same time, it’s going to be challenging to maintain quality with chlorine testing if you’re constantly giving people new products and new test kits to use. Different tests work in slightly different ways, and there’s a learning curve for each. So, again, building that knowledge base is critical for getting things done right.

Tracking and Monitoring

Then, as with lots of other kinds of service work, tracking and monitoring chlorine tests and other pool chemical tests is important.

There’s a lot of delegation in this business. How do you know if something has been done or not? Is a paper record sufficient?

It might be, and typically it has been in the old days, but things are changing. Having digital records means people can check from wherever they are, which generally helps with the kinds of verification that we need in this business.

For more, check out the rest of our web site, and ask us about how to maintain or transfer a pool service route, to continue to profit from a sound business model.

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