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If you own a pool service route, you may be wondering when is the best time to sell your business. If you are nearing retirement or simply wish to start a new business venture selling your pool route could be a great option in the current market. Residential pools continue to be a popular addition to homes; planned communities almost always include a central swimming pool. New home construction typically includes in-ground pools as popular upgrades.

Pools are popular fixtures in residential settings, making pool service routes attractive to buyers as a reliable business investment. If you are thinking of selling your pool route, you should consider some of the frequently asked questions to determine the best time to sell.

How Much Is My Pool Route Worth?

Several factors come into play when determining the worth of your pool route business. The location of your route, number of clients, quality of equipment, and other components affect its overall value. You should have a formal business valuation conducted by reputable brokers, such as Sealy Business Brokers, to better understand your finances and maximize your business’s value. This report can give you an idea of if and when you should sell your route.

Is There A Good Time Of Year To Sell?

Pool routes can be sold any time of the year and are independent of seasonal surges. The most important thing to remember is to organize your business and get everything in order before place it on the market for sale. Think about transitions of power, training new owners, maintaining current service schedules, and other essential aspects of the business affected by the business’s sale. You may choose to time your deal with a slower time of the season to better conduct its transition for your clients and the new owner.

How Do I Sell My Pool Route?

Finding quality potential buyers on your own may prove to be a frustrating process. Since pool routes are lucrative businesses with minimal training involved, established routes don’t require much from the new owner to build a business from scratch. This type of business can appeal to first-time business owners looking for a low overhead high income-producing business model or seasoned entrepreneurs looking to add a company to their portfolio.

Professional Pool Route Brokers

Sealey Business Brokers has extensive networks and experience in finding you the best deal for the sale of your pool route business. Our brokers are experienced in the pool route industry and understand the skill of matching quality buyers to sellers. If you are interested in selling your pool route or purchasing a pool route, contact Sealey Business Brokers today.

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