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Let’s go back to something we may have discussed a while ago but haven’t covered for a while…

 We talk a lot about business – the ins and outs of the business, how to manage a business, and what a business owner or leader’s role should be. We’ve even talked about applying new technologies and methods to things like pool route buying and selling, which, simply speaking, is our forte. 

 But at the end of the day, so much of business is about people. And it’s in our best interests not to forget that. 

You and Your Customers

 Here’s one part of this: your business is only as good as its relationship with its customers.

 In pool route selling, you may or may not use a fancy customer relationship management or CRM dashboard tool. But either way, you should know who your customers are and be tuned into what they need. Otherwise, you’re not going to stay very competitive over time.

 So that’s one place where human relationships are key in this business.

You and Your Employees

 Here’s another part of that equation that we spend time considering as we help people buy and sell pool routes. 

 There is the business owner or leader, who’s most often sitting in an office directing activity.

 Then there are the people out there with skimmers and strainers and working on chemical analysis and everything else.

 When those two types of people work together well, the business prospers. When there’s a disconnect, things tend to fall apart. You see it repeatedly when the principles of good business are violated for any reason, and people forget what’s important in leadership and how to head up an enterprise. 

 There again, you see the value of people in processes and why business is so human-centered at the end of the day.

Our Role

 We are active in helping people to define business value. We’re helping stakeholders to come to the table to make a transaction, with things like escrow and technical processes attached.

 But we’re also here to help people, and to know people, and to try to understand where people are coming from. So we take that same human-centered approach to our work that the good pool route managers do to theirs. So remember: when you’re going to the table, it is about money and value, but it’s also about human relationships, and keeping that in mind is beneficial to nearly any kind of business. 

Ask Sealey how you can best use a pool route acquisition to build business in your community. We bring a level of acumen that our people value and a human-centered business philosophy that is vital to doing pretty much anything long-term. 



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