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As a business broker specializing in routes I encounter buyers that come from other industries who bring unique ideas to the pool industry. On one such occasion the buyer’s background was in the cell phone industry back when cell phones were just coming into vogue in Texas. Our conversation then moved to the importance of communicating with your customers in any industry. He then came up with a simple but brilliant idea. What if you used your customer’s cell phone number or email address to blast messages to them rather than calling each one individually. For those that experienced the freezing weather last December this would have came in handy. You could have sent an alert to all of your customers to turn on their pumps to limit the freeze damage. Or if it’s time for filter cleans you could send a message to all your customers with DE filters. If you wanted to run a special but didn’t want to wait until you mailed out your statements you could just send a message to them instantly. While you wouldn’t want to abuse this tool, it could be a very valuable way to keep in contact with your customers.

It’s always a good idea to talk to other business minded people to learn from them because you never know what you can implement in your own business. Well, I hope you’ve learned something new that will make your business better and more successful. Until next month!

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