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By now even the most non-tech savy pool guy or gal has heard of Facebook. You know the site that people check constantly when they’re suppose to be doing something productive (I’m guilty). Well here’s a way for your business to capitalize on that 21st century habit. If you haven’t set up a Facebook page then do so asap. It’s free and reaches literally billions of people but I’m sure you’d be happy reaching both your current customers and potential customers in your local area. One of the things you could use Facebook for is notifying your current customers of upcoming pool related items. If there is a freeze coming in the next couple of days you could simply post a reminder to leave the pumps running to avoid bursting pipes or let them know it’s time to clean those DE filters. Once your customers join your page you can notify them of anything. It works both ways too, customers can contact you if they noticed a leak or need an additional cleaning that week due to their upcoming party. You could even post discounts for customers that refer your service to their friends on Facebook. The options are endless and best of all it’s free! See you on Facebook!

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