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Pool Route Buyers FAQ

Whether you find yourself unexpectedly out of a career after 30 years of service, or you simply have a strong desire to be your own boss; there are several income sources in owning and operating a pool service route. The two main sources of income are monthly service billing and…
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Automating your pool route backend operations

Automating your billing As a route broker I get to see how different entrepreneurs run their businesses. I’m somewhat surprised that many entrepreneurs shy away from automating their backend functions. For instance, quite a few business owners still handwrite their invoices each month and drop off them off while servicing…
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Taking your pool route to the next level

Bringing technology to your business As a business broker specializing in routes I encounter buyers that come from other industries who bring unique ideas to the pool industry. On one such occasion the buyer’s background was in the cell phone industry back when cell phones were just coming into vogue in…
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Facebook and your pool route

By now even the most non-tech savy pool guy or gal has heard of Facebook. You know the site that people check constantly when they’re suppose to be doing something productive (I’m guilty). Well here’s a way for your business to capitalize on that 21st century habit. If you haven’t…
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How to grow your pool route

As the owner of several businesses over the years, including a pool service route, I learned to focus on maximizing the 4 P’s – that is price, product, promotion, and place – in order to maximize profits. In each case, the driver of any selection was the customer. So I…
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