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In any business, there is the core business – what you’re offering customers – and then there’s the business process: how you facilitate that offering, and how your business works strategically.

You can combine those two things, and really, you should. We do that in our work with companies that are focused on pools and outdoor amenities.

The Core Business

For example, here you have to be good at thinking about what customers need, and how they assess services around one of their biggest investments. Pools and spas require specialized and detailed maintenance, and being closer to that process helps these businesses to thrive in various ways, along with their customers. 

This is the part of business where you’re often putting on someone else’s shoes, and thinking about things through their eyes. You’re trying to figure out what’s most helpful to your customers, and that’s a very key part of pursuing this type of business, or really, any other.

Thinking Around Business Processes

Then you go back to the strategy of the thing. That’s a lot of what we deal with when we help pool route buyers and sellers to do this kind of horse-trading with pool routes.

We’re looking at the strategic positioning of companies in their areas, and the logistics around that. We’re considering the market research that goes into competition – such as brand visibility and everything else. There’s also the relative size of a business – how it’s doing in its field locally, and how it compares to other businesses of the same type.

Combine these two things, and you can help your business to thrive in 2022 – of course, that’s easier said than done. There’s a knack that some people have in combining core operations and business strategy. Some say it can’t be taught, although you can provide the kinds of tips and guidelines that make it work well.

In our business, we see that poetry in motion every day. Different parties are coming to the negotiating table to make the deals that will power their businesses. Maybe that’s more of the skill involved – doing the negotiations and supporting your claims to the value of your own business in your field. In any case, we can help you to make those connections, with background information on the industry and all of the resources at our disposal, so check out the website and we’ll work with you on getting your goals achieved!

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