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A Veteran’s Journey to Prosperity

In this week’s blog post, we pull back the curtain on an extraordinary tale of ambition, determination, and triumph. As we interviewed the man himself, we bring you the origin story of our very own CEO/Owner – Arif Sealey, whose journey is nothing short of inspiring. From humble beginnings to the pinnacles of success, Arif’s narrative is not just a personal chronicle but also a blueprint for anyone looking to carve their own path in the world. Join us as we delve into how Arif started, the pivotal role that the right mindset played, and how embracing his approach may illuminate your way toward achieving your dreams. Prepare to be captivated as we uncover the stepping stones laid by Arif Sealey to get on the path to success.

So let’s dive right into it!

From Military Discipline to Poolside Profits

After years of serving in the military, I traded my uniform for civilian clothes, my family and I embarked on a quest that many dream of but few dare to pursue – entrepreneurship. I thirsted for a venture where I could channel the discipline and resolve honed through years of service. That’s when I stumbled upon a pool route business; it seemed unassuming at first, yet promised entry into an industry that was both easy to get into and financially stable.

Discovering a Hidden Gem

In July 2008, amidst a bustling economic landscape, my path led me to a pool route business in Texas near San Antonio. Not only was the industry straightforward to penetrate, but it also promised financial stability—a beacon of hope for any fresh-faced business owner. I acquired this venture for about $80,000, which soon proved to be much more than just a safe bet. 

Weathering the Storm: Thriving Amidst Economic Turbulence 

As if on cue, the winds changed with the onset of the September 2008 recession. Yet, where others saw despair, I saw an opportunity. Quickly adapting, I hired a team that helped me not just survive but thrive. By branching out to neighboring towns, my business grew roots that held firm even as the economic storm raged on. Our secret? We focused on great service and expanded into the commercial side of the business. 

Customer Satisfaction: The North Star of Business Growth 

My strategy was crystal clear: impeccable service. I understood that top-notch service didn’t just retain customers—it attracted them. Referrals began to pour in, and my business bloomed. From 63 accounts, the pool route expanded to 143 accounts, turning customer satisfaction into the cornerstone of my burgeoning enterprise. Together, we expanded to neighboring towns, always ensuring our services remained top-notch. It became clear that exceptional service wasn’t just a goal—it was the lifeline of the business.

The Big Payoff: Tripling Our Initial Investment

Our dedication and hard work surged the business forward, and eventually, we sold the pool route for $250,000—a whopping 130% return on the initial investment. A true testament that perseverance coupled with a strategy focused on excellence can reap immense rewards.

Making a Splash in Business 

My story is more than just an inspiring tale; it’s a playbook for aspiring entrepreneurs. My military experience and entrepreneurial acumen turned a simple idea into a sizable fortune, proving that with the right mindset, a pool route can be a great investment. Are you the next in line to increase your family’s wealth? 


The Q &A Portion



How critical is industry knowledge for starting a business like a pool route? 

Industry knowledge is important, but as demonstrated by Arif, understanding basic business principles and focusing on stellar customer service can significantly drive success. 

Is it common for a business to grow during a recession? 

While not every business flourishes in times of economic downturn, those with strong fundamentals and adaptability, much like Arif’s, can not only survive but also experience significant growth. 

What’s the key takeaway from Arif’s investment success? 

The essence lies in recognizing opportunity, maintaining exceptional service standards, and leveraging strategic growth – all of which can lead to impressive returns in any venture. 

Q&As from the Master himself:

What motivated you to invest in a pool route?

After transitioning from the military, I sought a business opportunity that promised ease of entry and financial security. The pool route presented itself as the golden ticket to meet those requirements.

How did you manage the company’s growth during the recession?

The recipe for navigating the recession included expanding our reach, hiring adept team members, and focusing relentlessly on providing stellar customer service, which fueled both growth and stability.

Would you say military experience contributed to your success?

While I had the privilege of having the principles of discipline, adaptability, and leadership learned in the military were instrumental in making strategic decisions and staying resilient amidst challenges, ultimately leading to the success of the business, I strongly believe that anyone who has the will and dedication to take the time to learn more about the business will surely thrive.

Stay warm, stay safe, keep cleaning, and keep swimming! Contact Sealey Business Brokers to learn more about how we can help you make a splash in the world of Pool Routes!


Embark on your journey and remember, with every stroke you take in this pool of opportunity, you’re not just building a business—you’re crafting your legacy.

-Arif Sealey

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