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Growing your pool service startup into a successful business can be difficult, to say the least. Over 10 million homes in the United States have pools. There are thousands of pool service companies in this country, which means having success in this industry is no easy task. While your pool service business may be booming in the summer months, the winter usually brings a drastic slowdown. 

Rather than allowing your pool service business to lose tons of money during this time of year, you have to find ways to persevere. If you are looking for ways to keep your pool service business going strong this winter, check out the tips below. 

Ramp Up Your Online Marketing Efforts 

Most small business owners are well aware of just how impactful digital marketing can be. If you are already investing in professional marketing services, you need to think about spending more during the winter months. Expanding the size of your audience is vital when trying to avoid slowing down during winter. The best way to inform more people about what your business does is by investing more in paid search and social media advertising

Offering your pool maintenance and repair services in new markets can help you increase profitability during this time of year. Hiring a marketing agency that has experience in the pool service industry is a wise move.

Offer Service For Indoor Pools and Spas

One of the best ways to avoid slowing down during winter is by offering more services to your clients. If people don’t realize you provide service for indoor pools and spas, they will contact a competitor for help. This is why you need to include this information in the marketing campaigns you are engaged in. During the winter months, people who own indoor pools and spas will start to use them more. 

When trying to win over a potential customer, you need to highlight your experience. Documenting how long you have been in the pool repair business can help you attract a wider audience. 

Roll Out Some New Discounts

If you are trying to attract new customers, you need to offer some attractive discounts. Most people are very budget-conscious during this time of year. This is why you need to offer a great deal a person will have a hard time passing up. Engaging in email marketing campaigns is a great way to expand your audience. 

If you attach a discount code to these emails, the recipients may invest in your pool repair or maintenance services. Polling your online audience to find out what type of discounts they would be interested n receiving is a smart idea. With this information, you can optimize your marketing campaigns for success. 

Are You Looking For a Pool Route To Purchase?

If you are looking to break into the pool service industry, buying a route that is already successful is a great option. Contact Sealey Business Brokers to find out more about the pool routes we have for sale.

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