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At Sealey, we work in a very specific field – helping people to manage a service business, and position themselves strategically. So we come in contact with a lot of different entrepreneurs and other stakeholders. We have good, long conversations with people about how they choose to run a business.

We also get a lot of insight into best practices and the best ways to manage business. Some of those we talk about on a regular basis, and some we put into our own business model. We like to share them, too, in the spirit of cooperation that we think drives success. 

The Newsletter

The newsletter is our way to communicate with our people.

People can’t always be in touch individually, but you can benefit from the community guidance that you get from a newspaper or central publication like this.

In a sense, it’s a different type of outreach that businesses can invest into staying engaged and remaining involved in other people’s lives.

Signing Up

It’s easy to sign up for our informative newsletter. Just enter your name and email, and you’ll get a digital version delivered to you.

It’s a way for you to stay involved with what’s happening in the industry, and staying inspired in everything that you do. Actionable tips are only part of the equation. It reflects a kind of community spirit that we think is valuable in our field. After all, at the very bottom of things, that’s what this industry is about – it’s about people.

If you’ve ever managed one of these service lists, you know that it’s very much about relating to your customers and delivering the results they’re looking for. Face-to-face contact or even phone contact goes a long way to solidifying your reputation amidst your customer base.

We think that works with newsletter communications, too. It gives people a sounding board and a way to unite to talk about the things that matter in this business. Otherwise, you’re just out there in your own orbit all the time trying to innovate, where you might actually be reinventing the wheel.

At the same time, we’re still very active in helping people to practically manage pool routes. You can see more on the rest of the blog, or check out the website for opportunities for you to fine-tune your business model and get things all squared away. What’s important in this business? Well, in a way, besides the people (which we mentioned) it’s about information. The information that you have helps you to make good decisions. We want to help, too. Read through the newsletter to get an idea of what others are thinking about as they expand their service areas or innovate in other positive ways. We’re all in it together!

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