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Whether you find yourself unexpectedly out of a career after 30 years of service, or you simply have a strong desire to be your own boss; there are several income sources in owning and operating a pool service route.

The two main sources of income are monthly service billing and maintenance and repair income. There are several entrepreneurs inquiring about owning and operating a pool route business for many reasons, the main one being it’s really not that difficult. If ran correctly, a pool route business is very rewarding and profitable. Here are a few things you can do to ensure you run a smooth business:

  • Keep overhead to a minimum
  • Operate daily business from the comfort of your own home
  • Purchase small trucks for a great price
  • Compare wholesale prices with different suppliers
  • Charge proper rates for your area

Also, let clients or customers know the different services you provide and alert them to the preventive maintenance services and upgrade their equipment as necessary. Before you start your own pool service business, there are bound to be some questions you want answered. Here are the most frequently asked questions we hear at Sealey Business Brokers.

How many pools can be done per hour/day/week?

Normally 30 per day to 80 per week. You should be able to service two pools per hour, including driving time.

How long does it take to clean?

Generally, cleaning takes 20 to 30 minutes. This varies depending on the size of the pool, weather conditions, the area, type of service, and more. The busiest time of year is warmer months – March through August.

Is there a lot of training?

A new buyer will get anywhere from two to four weeks of training, but it can end sooner if the buyer catches on and learns the business quickly.

Do I need any certification or licenses?

This is a business; therefore, you should obtain a business license. Most cases you don’t need any additional certifications to service residential accounts. Commercial accounts require liability insurance. In some areas, health certification, workman’s compensation, and a contractor’s license are required.

Is there a max out on accounts for one person?

One person can typically handle 70 to 100 accounts by themselves.

How much does a route cost?

An established route costs anywhere from eight to fourteen times the monthly service, depending upon density, rates, area, longevity, and additional charges.

Is there room to negotiate?

If the seller is motivated, absolutely! The slow season, between October and February are the best times to purchase.

What is the average overhead of owning and operating a pool business?

Conservative overhead rangers from 15% to 20% which includes chemical costs, postage, gas, cell phone, and insurance. In slower months, chemical costs will be cut by 50% to 60% from what they are in summer months.

What is a fair wage and what can I charge?

A reliable pool technician makes $10 to $12 per residential stop. Some route owners will pay their techs a percentage of each pool that way they’re more responsible for what they are getting paid on. A reliable repairman will do the repair, teach you how to do the repair, and give you anywhere from 10% to 30% depending on the company. All of these factors vary.

What you charge also depends on many factors, but you want to stay within the competition range. Research what your competitors are charging and base your rates off that. Still have questions and need answers? Call our offices at 1-844-766-5783 or contact us online.

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