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Becoming a business owner is a goal of many people, but they don’t know where to start. One of the challenges of starting a business is finding an industry in an area where you can find customers. With the help of pool route suppliers like Sealey Business Brokers, it’s easy for people to make a successful living by starting a pool cleaning service. If you like working outside, want to be your own boss, and you don’t want to make a considerable investment to get started, pool cleaning is an excellent industry to consider. Here are four things you need to start a pool cleaning service.


Every business startup requires an investment in the equipment needed to perform the work. Starting a pool cleaning service requires less startup capital than other operations since you don’t need retail space. Additionally, there isn’t a lot of heavy equipment because you need to take everything with you as you visit each client. You’ll need to obtain poles, hoses, skimmers, chemicals, and test kits. You also need to get reliable transportation to haul your pool cleaning supplies to each job site. If you’re just getting into the pool cleaning industry, Sealey Business Brokers can help you pick the best equipment for the job.


The best equipment doesn’t matter if you don’t use it properly. Cleaning a pool properly takes knowledge and training. It’s not a job where you can learn as you go. All it takes are a few poorly done jobs when you get started to ruin the reputation of a new company. One of the benefits of working with Sealey Business Brokers is that we provide training to new pool cleaning service providers. People that come to us get the training they need to deliver high-class service as soon as they start taking on new jobs. This training program makes pool cleaning an excellent industry for business owners who are ready to start something new.

Legal Requirements

As with any industry, there are legal requirements to keep in mind when setting up a new business. The rules for pool cleaning service providers vary from state to state. Sealey Business Brokers can help clients handle these legal issues in the states where we operate. At a minimum, owners will need to get a business license as required by the city or county. Similarly, each state has certification requirements that are set by the local health department. Some states require certification. For example, Florida requires that candidates take an open-book test to become certified. It’s also a good idea to become bonded and insured, even if it’s not required by local law.

Buy a Pool Route

One of the benefits of starting a pool cleaning service is that you can instantly get a list of paying clients by buying a pool route. Sealey Business Brokers sells pool routes with multiple houses in an area that are signed up for regular service. All the new company needs to do is use the skills they get from our training program to provide excellent service, and they have the regular customers a new business needs to thrive. 

If you’re interested in getting started in the pool cleaning industry, Sealey Business Brokers has everything you need. Send us a message online to ask any questions you have about starting your own pool cleaning service.

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