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On average, people who receive referrals from friends or family members are four times more likely to make a purchase. Developing and executing a detailed plan to increase the number of customer referrals your pool business receives is crucial. Increasing the number of referrals you receive can help you increase your company’s profitability.

Some pool business owners think that the only way to drive consumers to their company is by using the power of online marketing or television commercials. While these marketing methods are effective, they are also expensive. The following are some of the things you can do to grow the amount of customer referrals your pool business receives.

Combating the Fear of Reputational Risk

One of the main concerns people have when referring a business to friends or family members is reputation risk. In short, reputational risk is a term used to describe a person’s fear of referring a business that may do a bad job for their loved one. Understanding this fear is the first step in helping satisfied customers overcome it.

When trying to convince customers to refer your pool business, you need to work on developing a very simple program for them to use. All of the details of your referral program should be featured prominently on your website. Perhaps the best way to minimize the fear of reputational risk is by providing top-notch service to each new client you land. Going above and beyond for your clients will allow you to calm their fears and generate more referrals over time.

Pick the Right Time to Ask for Referrals

Asking customers to refer your pool business to their friends and family members can be a bit nerve-wracking. The best way to remove the worry you feel about asking a customer for a referral is choosing the right time to pop this question. Ideally, you want to ask for these referrals immediately after performing a pool cleaning for a customer.

You can also ask for these referrals if you receive a positive review or social media comment from a satisfied customer. Before you ask for referrals, make sure you have a list of incentives to show a customer.

Choosing the Right Rewards or Incentives

Another detail you need to iron out when trying to have success with a customer referral program is the incentive or rewards you offer. You need to choose an incentive that your customers will actually want. Generally, things like discounts of exclusive deals on new services are great incentives. Taking the time to poll your customers is a great way to figure out exactly what they want. The time invested in doing this market research will pay off when you are able to entice customers to give your pool business referrals.

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