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If you have decided to go into the pool route business, there is plenty to keep in mind as you get started. Without proper research, you risk getting into a bad deal and losing money as a result. You have the decision to go into business on your own or go through a broker. Buying a pool route can be a great business, so we’ve highlighted several things to keep in mind before you get into it:

  1. Do your homework.

Buying a route can easily help you become a pool service technician. However, when you get into this business, it can be a risk, even with going through a broker. Take a look at a route you are purchasing and do your research. Find out how close the homes are, if the customers pay on time, the pool conditions, and the landscaping around the pools. In addition, find out how long the previous pool service tech had the route; the longer they held the route, the more insights you have into the customers you are gaining.

  • Going through a broker.

When you decide to buy a route, you have the option of going through an individual or going through a broker. Using a broker allows you to get in the business fast. You may not be financial able to grow your business organically. You may need a new source of income immediately. A broker will offer routes on sale with details such as the number of pools on the route, commercial vs. residential properties, monthly gross income, net income, and cost. Many brokerage companies will have qualifications for the pools, and they will take out any pools that aren’t worth your time. They also qualify buyers as well. So, it’s an excellent way to buy a route with greater peace of mind.

  • Buying or developing a route on your own.

Many pool technicians sell a route by advertising online or through supply houses. In this situation, you will work out the deal on your own. The benefit of using this method to buy a pool route is that you avoid brokerage fees. However, you may also consider developing a route on your own. The benefit of growing your business organically vs. buying a route is that you avoid any issues that have developed with the previous buyer. Starting slowly like this allows you to get to know your accounts personally without having a substantial financial investment into the business that could hang over your head. Buying a pool route can be a great business opportunity. However, with any business, there are risks. So, do your research before making any significant decisions. For more information on purchasing a pool route, contact Sealey Business Brokers today.

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