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Every year, over 116,000 new in-ground pools are installed in the United States. Once these pools have been installed, the owners will have to keep them maintained. The need for pool maintenance has led to thousands of pool service businesses being started. 

If you have recently purchased a pool route, then your main goal should be growing this new business venture. With all of the pool service businesses on the market, finding a larger audience can be difficult. Establishing an online presence for your pool service business is crucial when attempting to edge out the competition. Read below for details on digital marketing strategies you can use to expand the reach your pool service business has. 

Start By Investing in a Responsive Website

One of the main things you need to establish an online presence for your pool service business is a great-looking website. When designing a new website for your business, you need to consider how consumers will access it. An overwhelming number of modern consumers use their phones and mobile devices to look at websites. If your new website is not optimized for mobile users, you run the risk of losing sales leads. 

Rather than limiting the reach your website and the content on it has, you need to make sure your domain is responsive. With a responsive website, you can ensure your content can be viewed on all-size screens. Allowing an experienced web developer to bring your responsive website to life is crucial when trying to avoid problems. 

Utilize the Power of Social Proof

If you want to make your pool service business stand out online, you need to understand the customer journey. Before an online consumer uses a new business, they will do an extensive amount of research. One of the first things most consumers want to know about a business is whether or not it is trustworthy. If you want to showcase how trustworthy your pool service business is, then you need to get familiar with the term social proof. 

In short, social proof is used to highlight how well a business has performed for customers in the past. This online proof comes in the form of user-generated content, reviews and industry certifications. If you have a lot of social proof, you need to showcase it in highly visible areas of your website like your homepage. 

Use Paid Search Campaigns To Expand Your Reach

Do you want to engage with a larger online audience? If so, then using paid search tools like Google Ads is a wise move. When using these tools, you can position the ads you create at the top of relevant searches. Optimizing these campaigns for maximum impact is not easy. This is why you probably need to hire a marketing professional to help you out. With their help, you can grow your pool service business and turn a profit later on when you decide to sell it

By using these great tips, you can grow the online presence your pool service business has. 

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