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If you are thinking about buying a pool route, there’s a good chance you have more than a few questions. Unfortunately, finding answers isn’t always simple. 

However, don’t worry. We have you covered. Keep reading to learn about some of the most asked questions (and their answers) from pool route buyers

 How Does the Business Make Money?

When you purchase an operating pool route, overhead and initial marketing are non-existent. You purchase a list of accounts that are already making money and that have an accurate and clear payment history. There’s no ceiling in this business, either, besides your own capacity. You can take on as many accounts as you are willing to oversee and manage. 

How Many Accounts Can be Serviced by One Person in One Day?

Thanks to the availability of new technology and high-tech equipment, the number of accounts you can serve in a single day continues to increase. While this is true, the average number today is 20. Just remember, this depends on your location and service area. 

How Do You Get Started?

Buying a pool route is a big decision and a large investment. It’s a good idea to talk to our team to learn more about what’s involved. 

However, when you decide to buy, you can take the following steps:

  • Browse the routes available for sale
  • Sign the confidentiality agreement
  • Provide proof of funds or look into financing
  • Talk to the seller

If you decide to purchase, then you can move forward with the transaction. 

Is This a Hard Business to Learn?

Learning the business is much easier than you would imagine. There’s a minimal learning curve in the swimming service and maintenance industry. Because of this, almost anyone can get into this business and begin making money. 

Do You Have to Have Employees?

Deciding whether you need employees is based on your situation and needs. It also depends on if you plan to scale your business. If you want to have a one-person operation, employees are unnecessary. Also, you will find that you can service between 80 and 100 pools per month and still make around $5,000. With employees, though, you can service more pools and make more money. 

Do You Need a License?

License requirements vary on the county and state your route is in. A right-to-work state doesn’t require much certification; however, other states will require you to have a Certified Pool Operator License if you want to provide service for commercial pools. Some areas require you to have a Health Technician’s Permit, while others require a Contractor’s License

Are You Ready to Purchase a Pool Route?

Are you ready to make a move and purchase a pool route? If so, be sure to keep the information above in mind. This will help ensure you purchase the route that meets your needs and that helps you earn a profit. Being informed will help you make the right decision.

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