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Business And Immigration Status

You can read a lot more about all of our business aspects in our newsletter. Still, today, let’s talk a little about how pool route investment can have to do with immigration status.

First, there’s something called an E2 visa, which involves a foreign individual investing or contributing to a U.S. business. (Other kinds of visas pursue this same idea slightly differently.) 

That’s how people often get involved in buying and selling pool routes to support a bid for legal residence. We can explain this more because we have seen it many times. It has to do with how USCIS and DHS bureaucracy and the work of other offices have to do with the private sector entrepreneurial work that might involve foreign nationals. 

Business Opportunity

As mentioned, the E2 visa has to do with business investment, and pool routes, in particular, are an incredible business opportunity for anyone, regardless of their citizenship status. It’s not that there are “so many” E2 parties looking for pool route investments – everybody is looking for pool route investments. Some E2 visa seekers are among them. 

The pool routes increase in value over time or return operating capital beyond their underlying value.

They also make a stable and clear basis for people who want to invest in U.S. businesses to immigrate or achieve legal residence for a given time frame. So that’s part of the equation we are mindful of as we work. 

Relating to People

Really, though, in our business, you have to put this in the context of individual people and their goals.

You have to see things in terms of business and the personal relationships that business is based on!

That might be related to buying and selling the actual pool route. Or it might be related to hiring talent to maintain existing accounts. It might be working with a professional brokerage like ours that does our business and understands how people have needs in business contexts.

Looking back at the blog, we talked a lot about how this works practically between different counterparties.

People who are brokering need to have a deep knowledge of the field, but they also need to have the people skills to pull these deals off. Otherwise, you’re just dealing with a process that’s likely to go off the rails when no one actually does the work to make things relatable.

Take a look back at what we have illustrated before, and ask us about making a solid deal to buy or sell a pool route business. We stand by our consultancy in this area and our skills in helping real people with real achievements.

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