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When you’re in the pool business, you learn a lot about how these types of amenities add value to properties.

You also learn about how people think when they buy and maintain something. In this case, it’s an asset that you use to have fun, stay active and get exercise, especially during the hot summer season.

Recently, we were thinking about one of the principles of pool maintenance that we’ve learned as we work with buyers and sellers of pool service routes. We think this has some bearing on how you approach this type of business as you put together a better pool route and add value to a service operation.

How It Works

Essentially, there are two major things that people want out of a pool experience. Or to turn it another way, there are two fundamental goals that people are working on as they maintain a pool over time.

One of those is aesthetics. People want those neat angles, that clear blue color and the glistening water that the sun shines on during the day. They want immaculate hardscaping, a quietly humming filter, and a serene poolside view.

The other principle is logistics. People want their water to be clean and nicely kept at a comfortable temperature. They want to make it easy to add chemicals or otherwise maintain the pool over time.

Customizing for Customers

When you look at these objectives and what a customer wants, you have to take into account their unique situation and needs. You have to look at the size and shape of the pool, first of all, and what it will take to keep that pool footprint in good condition.

You also have to look at all of the amenities and components of the pool system, from the vents and filters to the chairs and umbrellas, and everything in between. For example, property owners may be thinking about issues with sun bleaching, how to keep water clean, or how to prevent slip and fall accidents or unauthorized access – or how to light the pool at night. The vendor should  be, to some extent, an active partner in planning.

Building Value

As you work for a particular client, you build value into their individual service plan. As you do this with multiple customers, you build value into your pool route. And we sit at the junction of it all, helping to connect business people who want to make deals around operations in this particular field.

Take a look at the rest of the resources on the site to learn more about how Sealey Business Brokers facilitates pool route deals and how we become a big mover in this business.

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