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You can see a lot of it in our prior blog posts, where we talk about the realities of this market and how our business works as a pool route brokerage. Hopefully you have been reading along as we chronicle what’s relevant in this service industry. But here are some more details on what pool businesses need to stay updated on as they provide these property services to their customers – and these can really make a difference in the business that your shop does day to day (week to week, month to month, etc. You get the idea.)

Rails and Steps

A good pool company understands the most modern builds for access into both the shallow and deep areas of the pool. That means understanding the best materials and safest installation for ladder rails, and how to maintain steps or other installations for ADA or disability access. In many industries, ADA compliance matters! Take a little time to read up and get conversant with this aspect of pool building and maintenance. 

Diving Boards

Pool companies also need to be aware of differing preferences and requirements for local pool owners. In many cases, diving boards have been disassembled and removed because of liability, and pool businesses should always keep that in mind. In general, it’s good to know WHY a client does or does not have a diving board installed. 


You may have heard it said that a pool is only as good as its liner, and as a professional pool company, we know that to be the case. Pool service companies will typically look at liners and even suggest repairs. We think this is also a critical component of inspecting accessories and infrastructure around these excellent property amenities.

Filters and Chemicals

Then, of course, there’s the practical aspect of keeping pools safe from a bacterial standpoint. Chemical kits, drains and filters are just part of the equation. Good pool companies also understand the difference between modern chemical pools and natural saltwater designs that are catching on in some areas.

That’s a little bit about what you typically get into in the pool business! For more, check out the rest of our blog, and be sure to ask about how we support our buyers and sellers in a diverse and quickly changing industry. We want to talk about your pool routes, and how to supercharge your business for 2022. 

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