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Great Trash Management Route in Oakland, CA

Listing ID: Oakland254
Asking Price: $1,029,000
Cash Flow: $222,696
Gross Revenue: $963,227
Average age of accounts: 6 years
Employees included: 7
Financing: Owner financing with 60% down 40% financing over 2 years at 7% interest

Business Description:

Here’s your chance to own a Trash Management Route from the city of Oakland, CA! It consists of 39 commercial accounts generating a guaranteed $52,641.00 per month and potentially MORE!

NOTE: Only the route or list of accounts is for sale, and NOT the entire business.

Detailed Information:

Location: Oakland and surrounding areas

Growth & Expansion: Unlimited potential to expand

Support & Training:  Seller will provide 30 days of training to ensure a smooth transition.

Reason for Selling: Health Reasons

More information:

What is a route? A route is a group of accounts being sold by a company. Typically it’s being sold to fund other ventures or as part of a retirement plan.

What is a Trash Management Route? A trash management route refers to the specific path or itinerary that waste collection vehicles follow to pick up garbage, recycling, and possibly organic waste from designated locations in a municipality. This route is strategically planned to improve efficiency, save on fuel, and reduce the environmental impact of the collection process. It often includes residential areas, commercial establishments, and public spaces, ensuring that waste is collected effectively and on a regular schedule.

Why are routes better than buying a traditional business? If you compare incomes vs asking prices it’s very clear. A route generating $50,000 per year will sell for roughly $50,000. A traditional business making the same income would cost $100,000 or more to purchase. There are other great benefits as well. Give us a call to learn more.

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